January 2009


Stylish Home

A builder who has risen to a higher level of building is Precision Homes. After almost two decades of building … »


How to Decorate Symmetric Spaces

The word “decorate” comes from a French word meaning “to beautify”. The desire to express one’s personal style and an … »

Collectible Cars

Text by L. Broadfoot Some NASCAR race aficionados are such ardent fans they would like to own their favorite driver’s … »

Stunning Stainless Steel

Text by Pat Gerbrandt The gleam of stainless steel is hard to ignore. You see it in magazines, you see … »

Shower and Tub Options

Text by Blair Korchinski There are a lot of options out there when it comes to tubs and showers. Size … »

Drive Safe This Winter Season

Text by Lesley Baker Every winter snow brings beauty to Manitoba, but it also contributes to hundreds of avoidable automobile … »

Wood Heat

Text by Orville Giesbrecht Wood heat is the topic of much discussion at this time of year. Wood heat is … »

Super Six RSP Strategies

Text By Darcy Penner The RSP contribution deadline for the 2008 Tax Year is February 28, 2009. Here are six … »

Light Fixture Options

Text by Nancy Johnston A good light does more than simply illuminate space. It allows you to accentuate architectural features … »

Snowmobile Options

Text by Blair Korchinski People purchase snowmobiles for a variety of reasons and uses. They may need them for work or … »

See Fido Run

Text by Sheila Guenther It is February. What can a person do to deal with the cold winter months, and … »

Granite Décor Accents

Text by Lori Broadfoot If you are looking to create a touch of drama and natural beauty in your home, … »

Floor Plan Pointer and Options

Text by Blair Korchinski Whether designing a whole house, planning a renovation or addition, or simply moving the furniture around, … »

Renting Versus Owning a Home

Text by Anni Markmann For many people who have been renting for years, the question may become, “Is it better … »

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