Help your Home Sell Faster by Staging Your Front Door

There are three major things that affect the sale of a home: 1) Location, 2) Price and 3) Condition. While I may not be able to assist with the first two, as a home stager I can definitely help with the third.

Staging the front entranceway doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Here is an example of a cost effective solution to update the entranceway before putting your home on the market.

Front Entrance: Before

front entrance before

At my clients’ home, the first thing was to remove the white storm door since this style may not appeal to all buyers. Then the door was cleaned and painted a wenge colour. I chose one of my favorites, Benjamin Moore Wenge AF -180. Switching to nickel finish hardware with a kick plate was suggested but not in the budget. Although by painting the door a darker colour it did make the brass hardware look better.

The homeowners replaced the white mailbox and house numbers to black so that the colour scheme remained consistent. Adding a doormat and a touch of greenery completed the neutral, clean look that appeals to more buyers. In warmer months a natural planter is recommended but be sure it is the appropriate size and scale.

home staging

Front Entrance: After Staging

The front door is the first impression of the home and should be staged as you would the interior so that there is a sense of continuity and flow. Make sure everything is spotless, moving any garbage or recycling bins into the garage is highly recommended. By placing them in the front, buyers will assume that storage is an issue, which was not the case in this example. It is also a good time to check lightbulbs and clean light fixtures from dust and dirt. If Christmas has come and gone then so should the Christmas lights. By doing all this preparation work, the house will show well and show pride of ownership leaving the potential buyers feeling at ease and more likely to put in an offer.

Remember to keep outdoor lights on at night as potential buyers do drive by at night.

The total cost for this project was approximately $100 for paint, door mat, mailbox and numbers. (Faux tree and planter provided by NELLA CASA BELLA STAGING SOLUTIONS)

Happy Selling!

Nella Deluca

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Written by Nella Deluca

Nella Deluca

Nella Deluca is the principal property stylist and owner of Nella Casa Bella. After 21 years in the optical industry, Nella took the leap in 2010 and changed career paths. Never one to look back, Nella is happy with the transition into the Home Staging and Décor field and absolutely loves what she does. She lives by the mantra: “Do what you love, love what you do”.

2 thoughts on “Help your Home Sell Faster by Staging Your Front Door

  1. So for this entry, they removed the screen door- which is a functional piece.
    The look is nice, but I hope that they left the door for the client.

    As it is a really narrow entry- a long black with a coloured pattern indoor/ outdoor rug would have far more impact. When we have lemons, as designers, we make lemonade!

    Nothing is better in my designer book than a high gloss black, red or deep purple front door!

  2. Love the new look Nella! Great job for a front entry.

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