Get Your Car Ready for an Epic Summer Road Trip

The sun is shining, the car is packed and the kids have their seat belts buckled. But is your car ready for an epic summer road trip?

1. Schedule a full service check-up BEFORE you hit the road. According to a new Leger Survey of Canadian mechanics, 90% say the biggest mistake they observe vehicle owners make is waiting until something goes wrong until they bring their vehicles in for servicing.

2. Chart your route. Thanks to smartphone apps, like the Shell Motorist app, calculating your route and even estimating the fuel cost of your journey is easy — it might even help you avoid being stranded with the gas gauge on “E”.

3. Keep vehicle fluids topped-up.  Just as you would never run a marathon without hydrating, your vehicle should not be taken on a road trip without the proper amount of engine oil, transmission and brake fluid, coolants, and windshield washing fluids as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer guide.

4. Choose the right fuel. With 87% of mechanics surveyed agreeing that there is a difference between high and low quality gasolines, even selecting the right fuel on your pit stops can have an impact on your vehicle’s engine.  “Low-quality gasolines can cause build-up of performance-robbing gunk on critical engine parts which can make your engine less-efficient over time,” explains Jim Macias, a Fuels Technology Manager at Shell. “With 20% more cleaning agents than before, New Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines protect intake valves and fuel injectors from performance-robbing gunk. “

5. Pack an emergency kit. Even the best-planned trips can encounter unexpected troubles. Pack emergency essentials like a rechargeable flashlight, first aid kit, flares, jumper cables and the contact numbers for your insurance agency and your roadside service provider.

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