Bare bone shelves

Open units made of bars and beams provide an obvious practical use, and can also display your belongings in a way that makes them part of your room’s decor. This can be good and bad. It can be bad in that shelving units tend to be a breeding ground for unwanted clutter. It can be good in that they may encourage the modern man to keep his possession hoarding to a minimum. Open units have the added benefit of allowing light to flow through them and are great for small spaces.

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Colourful front doors

A fun front door is a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal and display just a little taste of your personality. Use a handsome navy blue or a cheery orange, if you’re feeling bold. Not the biggest fan of colour? How about grey?



Simplicity is super trendy right now, and what could be more simple than white? Don’t be afraid to pair a white sofa with a white wall, and even a few white-centric decor items like picture frames.


Statement mirrors

Who says only girls need to check their hair? Replacing your medicine cabinet in your bathroom with a large rectangular mirror, bordered with a weathered metallic frame, can give your bathroom a classic, upscale feel.

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, How to Create Your Very Own Classic Style Washroom

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, How to Create Your Very Own Classic Style Washroom

Black marble

We’re used to cream and white shades when it comes to marble in your home, but perhaps it’s time for a new normal? Black marble, perhaps in your bathroom, can be elegant, refreshing and masculine.


Checkers and plaid

Nothing says BOY like checkers and plaid, but these patterns are not just reserved for your camping flannel. Checkers and plaid can add some masculinity to your bedroom, living room and kitchen. Use it for your throw pillows, area rugs and even an accent wall (wallpapered?) if you’re feeling bold.




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