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Spring cleaning can be equal parts cathartic and evil — a necessary evil, that is. So we come armed with everybody’s favorite thing to hear: there’s an app for that! Here are five free apps we recommend.  



For a simple and straightforward to-do list system, Wunderlist takes the user-friendliness cake. Use the app to create tasks and subtasks, share and designate tasks to other app users, and use the cathartic checkbox system to keep track of chores as they get completed.  



Taking the standard list of chores to the next level, OurHome is the app to download if this is the year you’re getting your kids involved in spring cleaning. This app focuses more so on household chores that the kids can help with, and incorporates a point system to motivate them to complete their tasks, giving parents the opportunity to reward the kids appropriately. 



The BrightNest app is less about creating a to-do list, and more about rolling up your sleeves and actually getting stuff done. Within this practical app, users will find sections of featured articles which will instruct you on how to complete individual chores, with what materials, and how long the task will take. Perhaps the most enticing aspect of this app is that it incorporates common household items, eliminating the need to hoard harmful chemical-laden cleaners. Use the app to schedule tasks, set reminders, and share tasks with family members.  



So you’ve been putting off tackling your jungle of a closet for the past year. Fear not, we have incentive. This app allows users to consign unwanted clothing, giving them a swift kick in the butt to start downsizing.  



Along the same lines as Poshmark, the Decluttr app is for the rest of the treasures, (and junk), you’ve accumulated, stopped using, that have now taken up permanent residence in the back of your closet. Getting rid of your old stuff is as simple as downloading the app, taking a picture of the item barcode, and shipping your unwanted stuff for free.

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