In addition digging out your gardening tools and your patio furniture from the depths of your garage, the onset of spring may also give you cause to celebrate, in the form of a spring garden party. But how do you keep your annual festivities as fresh, year after year, as the season they’re meant to commemorate. We’ve got some inventive ideas.  


Try a Floral DIY 

Nothing says spring quite like flowers do and while a garden full of spring blooms may be plausible for some, we’re not all that fortunate. Luckily, there are dozens of different ways to bring the whimsy of floral to your spring garden party, like this DIY floral balloon garland. Learn how to DIY your own here.

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Shake Up Your Spring Salad  

A spring salad can involve anything from basic greens tossed with a light vinaigrette, to a versatile cocktail of fruits and veggies, to savory elements such as goat cheese and chicken. If you want to make sure that your guests gravitate towards the greens at your spring garden party, one helpful idea is to shake up the presentation. We like this salad in a teacup idea, which can also serve a double purpose of a decorative nature.  

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And while we’re on the topic of personal salads, how about using these pseudo-fancy plastic drink cups.  Serving your salads in individual portions will save your guests the hassle of dolling out their own greens and save you the headache of washing a giant salad bowl post-party.  


Give Your Ice Cubes a Tasty Twist 

Gone are the days where ice was just a sidekick to the drink. Add a pop of color and flavor to the drinks you serve with some of these inventive spring-y ice cube creations

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Whip Up a Pretty Pitcher Drink 

The theme of this article seems to be ways to incorporate your food and drink into your decor, which is an idea that could be particularly appealing to those lacking space. If executed right, a pretty pitcher drink could add anything from a pop of color to a compliment to your floral arrangements, in addition to serving a thirst-quenching purpose at your party.  

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Click here for a variety of pretty pitcher recipes. 

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