65144(NC)—The fall equinox is a good time of year to start thinking about preparing your home for winter, because as temperatures begin to dip, your home will require some maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape and comfortable throughout the winter season.

“The good news is there’s plenty that can be done to up the comfort-quotient when the Celsius goes down,” says Dean Murray of Reliance Home Comfort. As the expert in home comfort, Reliance has some easy and inexpensive tips to maintain your home and take the chill out of the air this winter.

Give your furnace a check-up
Have your furnace or heating system cleaned and tuned annually by a qualified service company like Reliance to ensure it’s in good working order.

Find and seal leaks
On a breezy day, walk around with a lit incense stick and hold it near recessed lighting, window and door frames and electrical outlets. Apply weather-stripping or caulk to drafty areas and seal exterior leaks with weather-resistant caulk.

Gut check
Once the leaves fall, remove them and other debris from your home’s gutters so melting snow can flow away from your home.

Throw it in reverse
Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. The fan will push warm air downward and force it to re-circulate, keeping you more comfortable (when you look up, the blades should be turning clockwise).

Room to vent
Check the placement of large items such as sofas and beds. If possible, move furniture so hot air can move freely, or buy a vent cover that re-directs the air.

Be alert to air quality
Because we seal our homes tightly in the winter, it’s important to think of the air quality in your home. So make sure you change your furnace filter each month.

Moisture therapy
Use a humidifier such as Reliance’s SmartAir Pulse to add moisture in the air to help prevent sore throats caused by dryness, runny nose and other skin and respiratory problems.

More home comfort tips can be found online at http://blog.reliancehomecomfort.com.


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  • Great advice especially changing the filter because it really helped us along with the other stuff