64981H(NC)—Behind every terrific cup of coffee is the host who serves it.
When shopping, therefore, it’s worth remembering as well: behind every terrific cup of coffee is the intensity of the equator.

“This is where the world’s premium Arabica beans are cultivated,” says Nick Mattiace, spokesperson for Tchibo, the top selling brand of Europe. “Grown mainly in the high altitude regions that run along the equator, the rosy round fruit of the Arabica tree look more like cherries than the beginning of great coffee. Premium yields are cultivated at altitudes up to 2,800 metres in the mountains of South America—and once roasted, the ultra smooth flavour and aroma combine to set the bar for the best coffee, very high.”
Coffee is also graded by the characteristics of its body, acidity, and taste. To help you select the best, here are some terms with tasting notes, courtesy of the Exclusive line at tchibo.com:Terms:Body: Describes the fullness of the flavour, with the spectrum extending from full-bodied to light.

Mildness: Denotes the smoothness and harmony of a coffee.
Acidity: Reflects the liveliness of the coffee from delicate to lively to spicy. Tasting Notes:Exclusive: The intensity of the equatorial sun combines with the fertile South American soil to produce a full-bodied, aromatic coffee. If you like it bold, this Arabica grind is the one for you.

Exclusive Mild: In the high altitude temperate climate, coffee beans are noted for their exceptionally smooth and mood-enhancing flavour. Direct sun, plus the fertile, mineral-rich soil give this line a wonderfully rich character.

Decaffeinated: Clean air, gentle climate and fertile land combine to produce coffee of elegant character and mild aroma. Infinite care is applied to produce the decaffeinated line and a full-bodied blend. If you want the assurance of serving a refined, natural taste when decaf is ordered by your party crowd, this one is for you.


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