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Relatively new to the western culture, Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) has been practiced in the eastern culture for thousands of years. It is a systematic approach to your living and workspace that brings harmony to your surroundings, directs your creative and productive energies and amplifies your opportunities for success in all areas of life. As a practitioner, I have seen my clients move from home offices to much larger office spaces with conference rooms and the works! That is the power of feng shui!

The literal translation for the Chinese words “feng” and “shui” are “wind” and “water.” It is through wind and water that chi flows through nature and the universe. Chi symbolizes life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive to us. Feng Shui is consciously designing every room in your home, office or garden to create powerful results using layout, orientations, shapes, color schemes, placement of furniture, decorative objects and artwork. By creating a greater sense of balance and harmony in the environment as well as focusing your intention on personal objectives, application of these potent formulas can result in increased prosperity, new business opportunities, promotions, recognition at work, career success, robust health, love and marriage, closer family relationships and even improved grades at school for your children.

Good Chi, Bad Chi

Have you ever walked into a space and felt uncomfortable? Some houses give a very cold feeling whereas some places seem very warm and welcoming. According to ancient Chinese concepts chi is the life energy constantly flowing everywhere. This energy symbolizes life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive to us. According to Feng Shui, chi should always be able to flow freely through any space in order to help us being in balance with the elements surrounding us. Chi is what brings us positive energy and allows us to be prosperous in our lives. Chi is based on the natural energy exchange which exists among everything on earth, and it shouldn’t be blocked.

One of the objectives of Feng Shui is to create a smooth, gentle, nurturing flow of chi through your home. Think of chi as an important guest you wish to welcome to your home. Make your formal entry and the access to it from the street, as inviting as possible. Overgrown hedges, hidden front doors and dim lighting are all barriers to chi. If the mouth of chi has poor Feng Shui, the chi of your entire home will suffer.

Inside your home, chi likes to flow in gentle curves, like an angel, and will exit through side doors and windows. Long straight corridors will funnel chi very quickly toward whatever is at the far end. Active spaces of your home should have a more active flow of chi. Chi should slow down and linger in the places you like to sit down and relax at the end of the day, or where you need to focus and concentrate on the work at hand .

Cut the Clutter!

What sight greets you when you arrive home after a long day at work? Are you greeted by pleasant sights, sounds and colors that make you forget your hard day at work or is your first image one of clutter and disarray? Is the laundry still on the sofa where you left it? Are the cereal bowl and the coffee cup waiting for you when you come home? And how about the bills, the flyers and the junk mail? Are they piling up on the kitchen table day after day?

In order to invite chi into your home, first step is to de-clutter your home. Clutter can deplete your personal energy. And where clutter exists, a block of some sort probably also exists in a part of your life. Clean, dust and reorganize every cupboard, shelf and every nook and corner of your house. Throw out and give away anything that isn’t serving you. My simplest rule of something useless is if you have not used it in the last one year, chances are you will never use it. So, out it goes.
The biggest amount of junk comes to our houses in the mail. Clear your mail on weekly basis. Make files for phone bills, taxes, and other important documents. File them on weekly basis. Five minutes spent on these files will save you a lot of stress later. And do not pile up those flyers; new ones are on the way anyways.

Clear your home of all objects that bring you bad memories. If you are looking for new love in your life, do not keep anything that reminds you of your ex. By doing this, you are symbolically letting go of the past relationship and letting the universe know that you are ready for a new chapter in your life.
Next, check your residence for anything in need of repair, and fix it. If light bulbs are burnt out, replace them. If a drippy faucet is keeping you awake nights, call a plumber. Anytime you observe something that is not in good working order, you can be sure something in your life (health, finances and relationships) is being impacted and is not working as well as it could. By taking these two simple steps, you will be focusing on improving your personal environment to create a more harmonious living space.

Removing the clutter and making repairs where needed will go a long way toward balancing the energies in your home and clearing the way for something new and exciting to come into your into your life. Make your home your sanctuary. Continually work on organizing yourself and your surroundings. Clear out your space so that you can make room for new wonderful events to enter your life

When properly aligned, our environments enable and support us to live richer, fuller and happier lives as we actualize our full potential in life.

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