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10 Budget-Friendly Home Office Designs

10 Budget-Friendly Home Office Designs – Having a home office is a great step towards organizing your life. From working freelance to bringing work home, or just having a place to relax, read, or pay bills, you can get a lot from such a simple room. But one of the keys to enjoying this office is decorating the space for both comfort and functionality.

This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. An office is usually kept in one of the smaller rooms of the house, and using the wrong décor can have a cramping effect that will make everything seem disorganized. That can be disastrous when you are looking for a place to work or concentrate.

Whether you want to go with a classic look of deep tones and plenty of plush, or a modern design with minimalist lines and open space, all it takes is a little inspiration. Here are ten great examples of how you can make your own dream office.

1. Home Office #1 by Rintakumpu

We start with this office design that is meant purely for functionality and efficiency. You will notice that multimedia is the main focus, with a complete sound system, two computers (one of which is his work laptop), and triple screens and double keyboards for his primary system.

This might seem a bit much for some, but for the true teckie this is a dream come true. Especially when you scope the floor and notice the lack of wire mess and tangle.

2. Home Office In Converted Closet by Ian Lamont

Most people wouldn’t want to be placed in a cramped space. However, some people just don’t have room to spare and so make do with what they have. Ian Lamont shows us how that can be done by converting this closet into a working office.

While there is little room to move around, there is just enough to offer a functional place to get things done. The lighting is adequate, though more might be better, and there is a window in the perfect spot.

3. Home Office by Dierken

This is another great example of how a tiny little space can be turned into a great office. Look at how open and cheerful it all looks, just based on the clean surface of the desk and the placement next to the window.

The sun shines through, offering plenty of natural light and what looks like would be a pleasant view. There is plenty of room and everything needed to get to work.

4. Desk by Morton Liebach

Modern use of color and design meets classic minimalism with this temporary workspace by Morton Liebach. Notice how simple and clean it all looks, especially with the sparse look of the furniture on the wood flooring.

He has all he needs in one place, and the shelving gives him a place for reference material that would otherwise clutter the glass top of the desk. The lava lamp is a nice touch, especially with the shades of orange and green that make it all a bit retro.

5. Marcus & Dave by Petyosi

Want to see what happens when you truly cut things down to the bare bones? This guy needed something that would allow him to work without taking any real space at all. So he bought a wheeled chair and a mobile laptop desk to make a moving office he could put anywhere.

His choice was in front of a window, to give him some natural light and a view to making up for it. Not pretty, but it shows what you can do if you put your mind to a task.

6. Urban Cabin by Jeremy Levine

It is hard not to look at this office and not feel just a teensy bit jealous of its owner. Designer Jeremy Levine created this gorgeous writer’s office over a garage, where you can look out and see a span of trees through the glass windows and doors that make up the whole building.

The wood that makes up the entire office is beautiful and clean, and there is a warmth that surrounds the whole room.

7. Basement Office – Doors Open by Adam Selwood

What happens when you want an office that can be multi-functional? Adam Selwood converted his basement to offer both an office and a living area by creating a set of sliding doors that would hide his office from sight.

When not working, it would be closed off and the entertainment purpose of the room would become the focus, making the most out of the space.

8. The Completed Man Cave by Yprime

Much like the traditional study, an office can be more than just a place to work; it can be a place to escape and unwind. This office shows how that can really be utilized, with a wide, open space and plenty of comforts.

The desk provides ample room and everything needed for work, while the couch and TV give a place to settle down and take a breather.

9. The Apple Generation II by Johan Larsson

10 Budget-Friendly Home Office Designs – Talk about the modern class. This office has everything you would expect from a current-generation home office. It is clean, monochrome, simple, and very sleek.

An iPhone and Powerbook are the only decorations in a sparse setting that is actually quite attractive, rather than underdone. Everything is white and glass, and sterile like a hospital room. Only one you wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time in.

10. Home Office by Benjamin Thompson

Going back to the classic executive look, this elegant office by Benjamin Thompson brings together efficiency and comfort quite brilliantly. The gentle beige of the walls is enhanced by the natural lighting coming from the windows.

10 Budget-Friendly Home Office Designs – The space is open while still offering plenty of taken space with the essentials. The furniture is obviously comfortable, and you could see yourself finishing up a quarterly report before curling up in the armchair to unwind with a book or newspaper.

Do you have a home office you would like to show off? Leave a picture link in the comments section and let us see your designing prowess.

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