If you’re looking to liven up a lukewarm space, perhaps Flame will intrigue you. As its name suggests, this orange-red hue is a vibrant and fiery addition to any room, lending warmth and radiance to its surroundings, particularly when used as an accent color. We’ve rounded up five ways to use this catchy color in your home. 


In the kitchen

Photo Source: sfgirlbybay.com


In the living room

Photo Source: blog.laurelandwolf.com


In your office:

Photo Source: mydomaine.com


In your entryway

Photo Source: laurelberninteriors.com


In your sunroom

Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com




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Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto. You can follow her on Twitter: @zakkassam

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