For anyone who works in an office of any kind, you’ll know that keeping yourself motivated for hours on end can be difficult and sometimes impossible. This rings especially true for those who work from home, where the distractions are plentiful and the blur between work and home can become seriously detrimental. Luckily, there are ways to make your home office work for you. For instance, choosing a location where you will have peace and quiet, away from the traffic and activity centres in your home. Location aside, decor can play a large part in how you work. Here are three ways to decorate your home office that will encourage productivity and help you achieve maximum efficiency.


Use feng shui to your favour

As it turns out, the position of your desk could be just as important as the work you do at it. According to feng shui, placing your desk facing the door is a power move. The reasoning behind it? Having your back to the door means that you can’t immediately see a visitor, which can unknowingly cause tension and anxiety.


Give yourself plenty of storage options

Whether you’re an accountant or an artist, you’re bound to accumulate clutter in your work space, and clutter can be mentally disruptive. You may not feel like the giant stack of papers on the edge of your desk is impeding your work habits, but subconsciously they may be. Having clutter that is irrelevant to your present task at hand creates a strain on your mind, inadvertently dividing your attention. To combat this, ensure your home office has plenty of room for storage.


Never underestimate your light sources

Ideally, you want to have natural light available in your home office but if it isn’t an option, it’s important to light your room well and be strategic with fixture placement. Avoid placing lighting directly above or behind a computer screen as this will produce glare and subsequently strain your eyes. Also, opt for white lights instead of lights with a yellowish glow. While yellow lights are good for your bedroom by promoting relaxation, white lights will keep you alert, awake and will aid your concentration.


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Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto. You can follow her on Twitter: @zakkassam

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