Black is a classic color when it comes to your wardrobe as well as your home, but just like any color or design element, you have to know how to use it right.


Use black to highlight your existing decor 

Pairing black with other bold colors will make those colors really pop out in contrast. The same goes for furniture with wood grain – black will bring out the intricate details of the wood grain


Use black to make a small space look bigger

It’s actually a decorating myth that painting a room in a dark color will automatically make it look smaller. Though it’s not a rule, black can often trick the eye into misperceiving the size or shape of a room. This is because in rooms painted with darker hues, room lines, such as corners, become less visible.


Use black to make your paintings stand out

If you have a piece of statement artwork that you feel isn’t getting the spotlight it deserves, try framing it with a black frame. As aforementioned, the black will make the colors in the artwork stand out, plus the black frame will truncate the art from the rest of the room’s decor.


Use black to enhance your room’s Feng Shui 

According to this ancient Chinese philosophical system, black represents mystery, sophistication as well as holding the energy of protection and power. Black also represents the element of water, which belongs north according to the rules of Feng Shui. Incorporating black elements in the northerly areas of your home, is said to attract career opportunities.

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Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto. You can follow her on Twitter: @zakkassam

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