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When it comes to decorating a small space, the physical limitations can often translate into decor constraints. This is because we live in fear of making our small spaces look smaller, so we abide by a strict, unwritten set of rules. But your home decor should reflect your unique personality no matter its square footage, which sometimes simply means: you have to break the rules. Start with these five:


Scaling your furniture to the dimensions of your room

While logically, it makes sense to scale your furniture to the size of your room, decor-wise this approach is limiting. In fact, choosing small scaled furniture can work against you and have the opposite effect, making your room appear to be cramped. Instead, take your time and choose a few large furniture pieces and really give them the spotlight they deserve in your room.


Hiding all your belongings

Clutter is bad no matter what room size you’re working with, but just because you’re trying to avoid clutter, doesn’t mean you have to lock up all your things in storage. Instead, use your belongings in lieu of decor. For example, open bookshelves allow light to flow through your room, and make accessing your belongings easier.


Staying away from dark colors …

With a white-washed color scheme, it can be hard to show off your unique and distinctive personality. Instead of opting for beige, white and shades of off-white, break the color scheming rules and choose a deep, rich hue for your small space. Dramatic, dark walls can add visual intrigue to your space and lend the illusion of depth. The same goes for your ceiling. Here’s a tip for painting your ceiling: choose a satin or semi-gloss paint, which will reflect light and enhance the dimensional effect of the room.


… and patterns

Instead of living in fear of making your small space appear even smaller by overdoing it with patterns, make patterns work for you. One idea: use crown molding to split your wall in half, and embellish the top portion with patterned wallpaper. This will draw the eye upward, utilizing the room’s vertical space.


Having a singular focal point

A large, elaborate rug can serve as a focal point in a room, and for a smaller space, you might opt to just have one. But when done right, an assortment of rugs, in different patterns or shades, can visually divide your room. This can be a valuable technique especially in a small space where adding a wall or furniture to divide the space may not work.


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