5 Ways to DIY a Hammock

Get your lounge on this spring and summer, with a DIY craft that’s nothing short of nap-worthy. 


Classic Canvas 

Give your favorite beach towel renewed purpose, with this classic summer hammock idea. Ensure you have two strong trees or an alternate secure setup before you get crafting! 

Photo Source: designsponge.com

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Single-seater Hammock Chair Swing 

If you’d rather sit upright than recline, this comfy hammock swing is bound to fulfill all your summer relaxation needs. TIP: sew your own cushions to upgrade your relaxation instantly.  

Photo Source: soyouthinkyourecrafty.com

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No-sew Macramé 

If sewing is not quite your forte, this DIY idea, which uses a series of simple knots, might suit your capabilities.  

Photo Source: ehow.com

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Dare to Duct Tape 

On the topic of no-sew, this duct tape creation is avant-garde, to say the least. We just hope that the weaved duct tape is comfier than it looks! 

Photo Source: instructables.com

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Puppy- and Kitty-friendly 

And because there’s really no occasion to give your pets different treatment than you would give yourself, how about this portable, pet-friendly hammock DIY, which uses PVC pipe.  

Photo Source: sparklesofsunshine.com

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