It’s finally fall and what better way to welcome the season by making your home smell the part. Rather than filling your home with artificial scents, here are six natural scent ideas you can DIY.


Simmer Pot

Simmer pots are easy to concoct, not to mention fun to make and easily customizable. Think of it like cooking: you start out with basic recipes, then as you learn which scents interact well with each other you can begin to experiment with variations. Soon enough, you’ll be making your simmer pots completely from scratch. Here are a few recipes to get you started.


Scented Wreath

Good Housekeeping calls scented wreaths: “The ultimate in double-duty decor: Pretty and purposeful.” Incorporate eucalyptus, lavender or herbs like sage and rosemary into a wreath you already have, or DIY (link: one from scratch.

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On the sweet and simple end of the spectrum, homemade pomanders are small, but they certainly do pack a punch scent-wise. All you’ll need to make one yourself is an orange and cloves.



Though the pumpkin pie scented candles you see at the department store may be a tempting purchase, why would you fill your home with a contrived scent when you could have the real thing. Pies and other baking are the perfect way to make your home smell wonderful. Plus, this way you can have your pie and eat it too!


Scented Tea Lights

Nestle a vanilla scented tea light in a small bowl of coffee beans and infuse your space with a yummy, French vanilla inspired aroma. Or wrap your candles in cinnamon sticks and enjoy the fusion of sharp cinnamon and sweet vanilla.


Burnt Herbs

If you’re not a fan of the sweet smells, burning herbs is a great alternative. Besides smelling great, the scent of certain herbs can have calming and cleansing effects. Learn how to make an herb fire starter here.


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