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Craftsman style

Craftsman style décor is all about simplicity, durability and function. Solid, sturdy woodworking is perfect in a cottage kitchen, where the aim is not so much visual flare and fancy, but rather utility and comfort.


Farmhouse sinks

White or stainless steel are far from your only options. Try a pastel shade, a robin egg blue or a soft mint green.

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Mixed and matched styles

Just because your cabinetry and backsplash is distinctly craftsman style, doesn’t mean your whole kitchen has to be the same. In a cottage setting, you can forget rigid décor rules, and instead focus more on individual pieces that you love, and less on cohesive flow. Embrace contrast and juxtaposition by hanging a classic, ornate chandelier above a handcrafted oak breakfast nook.


Granny Smith green 

When you’re dealing with a predominately white colour pallet, you have a little more flexibility in terms of accent colours. If you’re looking for a colour that will really pop, consider granny smith apple green for your chair cushions, lamp shades and dishware. This hue has a natural vibrancy, similar to white, so the combination of the two will be eye-catching and lively.


Arabesque tile 

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Subway tiles

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Hand painted cabinetry

An alternative to restaining or completely replacing cabinetry, is simply applying a fresh coat of paint. Hand painted cabinets have a certain rustic charm to them, perfect for a cozy cottage kitchen. Most wood types can be hand painted: oak, maple, pine and even lacquered or varnished wood. If you have laminate cabinetry, you may need to enlist the help of a professional.


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