A Honeymoon Surprise

Jason & Andrea’s Home Before

We love this story from homeowners, and newlyweds, Jason and Andrea! When facing one of the first major investments of their lives, purchasing their first home, the couple knew, based on their limited budget, they would have to prioritize. The interior of the home, located in Niagara, Ontario, was exactly what they had been looking for, but the exterior – featuring old fashion brick with sheet metal siding that had developed a chalky film – was in need of an update, a renovation that the couple understood they would have to take on themselves. 

When it comes to siding, this is not an uncommon signature of its age. Old siding, particularly when painted a light color, can become grey and discolored over time due to exposure to things like sun, dirt, garden chemicals, and mold. Fortunately for homeowners like Jason and Andrea, Spray-Net offers a solution to revamp old siding in less than three days. 

Jason & Andrea’s Home After Spray-Net’s Surprise Makeover

After viewing a video shared by a friend on Facebook, Jason was inspired to requested a quote and arrange a consultation with Spray-Net. This quickly lead to a collaboration with the professionals at Spray-Net, who gave the home a siding makeover while the couple was on their honeymoon in St. Lucia. 

Not only was Andrea surprised on her return, she could hardly believe the home was theirs! To read more about Jason’s surprise to Andrea, how he managed to keep it a secret and see other amazing home transformations, or learn  about the unique painting and coating services that Spray-Net offers, visit their website.


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