While it’s no 5-star resort in the Bahamas, your lakeside cottage property stands to be just as much of a haven, especially if you decorate it with “vacay” at the forefront of your mind. Keep reading for five ideas on turning your cottage property into beach-esque bliss, DIY style.  


Rustic Waste Basket 

Turn a cheap trashcan coastal, using not much more than a dollar store bin and rope. Use the same technique to reinvent anything from your soap dispenser, to your pot stickers, to your planters, to your cutlery caddy.  

What you’ll need: cheap trash bin, rope, coordinating trim (optional), hot glue gun, glue sticks 

Photo Source: makinglemonadeblog.com

Click Here for details and instructions.


Driftwood Mirror 

Make your mirror a statement mirror with driftwood! Purchase driftwood online or spend a few weekends with the family collecting pieces littered along riverbanks or at the edges of lakes. Cost of DIY: next to nothing.  

What you’ll need: driftwood, 2-inch painter’s tape, hot glue gun, glue sticks 

Photo Source: thewoodgraincottage.com

Click Here for details and instructions.


DIY Sea Glass 

Transform every glass surface in your cottage into a sea glass surface, via this Martha-Stewart-approved DIY.  

What you’ll need: glass bottles, a specialty sea glass spray paint, clear polyurethane spray, paint brush 

Photo Source: sadieseasongoods.com

Click Here for details and instructions.


Scrapbook Placemats 

For a kitchen table that’s truly vacation-inspired, we love this scrapbook placemat idea, that gives due spotlight to those precious family memories.  

What you’ll need: cover-weight art paper, sand-colored shelf liner, painter’s canvas, needle and thread, glue, photos, maps, paper collage set, scissors 

Photo Source: allyou.com

Click Here for details and instructions.


“Neat Feet Station” 

And finally, what could be more beach-inspired, than a remedy for wet, sand-covered toes, tracking grainy debris all through the home. Simply fill a box or bin with smooth river rocks, step in with dirty feet, and hose down your toes directly on the rocks. The rocks will act as a natural debris filtration system, keeping feet and floors sand-free all summer.  

What you’ll need: box or bin big enough to step in with both feet, river rocks, a hose 

Photo Source: hgtv.com

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