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115 thoughts on “BOSCH Canada Dishwasher Giveaway

  1. I need a new Freezer, preferably a stand up Freezer, saves space and easy access

  2. WOW, Bosch dishwasher is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. . It is tight, fly & off the chain. It spares me more free time to do more important things. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  3. Our faithful dishwasher is still holding on, but we would welcome a new one and retire
    our present one…I think it is over 10 years old!!!

  4. mine is just sitting there being a place to hide things since it keeps leaking

  5. People….I don’t even HAVE a dishwasher and there are five people in this house making dirty dishes

  6. j’ai besoin d’un nouveau lave vaisselle .avec 3 enfants ça fait beaucoup de brassées par semaine

  7. I have another brand dishwasher which is 16 months old and has had to have a new water pump and now a new motor (fortunately under warranty), but I need to change it out and get rid of it……

  8. I hate very much doing dishes I would be so happy with a dishwasher!! Thanks in advance!

  9. I need a dishwasher. We purchased our house 5 years ago without a dishwasher and I still don’t have one.

  10. Love my bosc dishwasher in my last house never a problem and soooo quiet. Have a maytag in this one…. Just have to say it needs replaced

  11. We will need to replace our old dishwasher soon.
    Has anyone owned a Bosch? Is it good with hard water?

  12. My dishwasher is more than 20 years old – still working but not very well!! I would really love a quiet, stainless steel model to update it!!

  13. We are moving and would like a Dishwasher as my Husband has Sorissis on his hands and he does the dishes. Not good for the Dishes. Thanks

  14. I really need a new dishwasher as my husband tried to fix ours but broke it completely
    Thank you for this opportunity

  15. would love to win this dishwasher – fantastic brand. My old dishwasher leaks all over my floor.

  16. I love Bosch Products they work so well, I’d love a dishwasher since we don’t have one!

  17. I’d love to win this awesome looking dishwasher. There’s one in this house that we just bought 6 months and it kind of works but u have to go downstairs and flip the breaker everytime you want to use it cause otherwise, it doesn’t work at all and it’s a Maytag and it’s a real pain in the butt as we both have lots trouble in doing stairs so it makes it hard for us all the time when we need to put it through to wash dishes, so it would definitely be a real big dream come true if we won a new dishwasher no matter what brand or what it looks like!!!!
    Thank You Do Very Much!!

  18. I’ve heard Bosch products are excellent. My dishwasher is 28 years old and on its last legs!

  19. I am a senior,now unable to stand and wash my dishes,after making my meals I’ve had enough. A dish washer would really make my life a lot more bearable.

  20. I sure could use this as the one I have now is pretty much beyond repair.

  21. I sure could use this. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful item.

  22. I know what BOSCH stand for Quality and Duriability, love the product but i cant afford it,but i sure can dream and dream Big. A girl got to dream , big dreams. THANKS FOR THE CHANCE.

  23. My washer broke 2 1/2 weeks ago, fridge and dishwasher all just broke today

  24. The one think I hate doing is dishes! A Bosch dishwasher would be fantastic!

  25. Would really, really, really love to own a Bosch dishwasher!

  26. J’aimerais gagner car je ne possède pas de lave-vaisselle

  27. j’ai le droit de rever avec un nouveau lave vaisselle

  28. I do not have a dishwasher and I have one burner that works on my stove.can not buy one so I will try to win one.fingers crossed.thanks….

  29. My dishwasher is very old, barely holding together, would love a Bosch, they are the best.

  30. I would absolutely love to win the Bosch dishwasher give away!. My kitchen would be freshened up, work load would be reduced, and dishes would would be well taken care of. I could relax, and so could my husband

  31. le lave vaiselle m’intéresse, le mien commence à mal fonctionner, un nouveau serait très apprécié,
    et Bosch est une bonne marque

  32. J’ai une nouvelle maison recemment construite et je n’ai pas de lave-vaiselle, ca me manque . Je crois sincerement que j’en ai besoin ….Meerci BOSH

  33. since in my chidhood days me and my siblings grew up in a home with only bosch appliances thats all we know an amazing product with bocsh you cant go wrong bring back the old time days

  34. I regret it a lot!

    We sold our house with our year old Bosch Dishwasher.

    We bought a house with a Moffat that does not compare in the least with the Bosch!



  35. I desperately need a new dishwasher!!! My previous dishwasher quit working & I couldn’t afford to fix. My daughter is having her 1st child and this would be such a great help!!!

  36. Would absolutely love this dishwasher. After working10 hour days I hate doing dishes . Its the one appliance I need in my kitchen.

  37. I would love a hydro convection cooking stove!!

  38. Winning this dishwasher would be the best thing ever! We are going to be remodeling our very old kitchen very soon and a new dishwasher just isn’t in our budget but we would LOVE to have one for sure!! And stainless steel is a plus!! Hope I win 🙂

  39. In need of dishwasher you can put onto tap 🙂 PLEASE and THANK YOU 🙂

  40. I’m glad to see the contest up and running again. Bosch is a superb quality and very innovative too.

  41. We recently bought a new dishwasher, because the one that came with our house stopped working a year or so after we bought the house. Our new dishwasher is a ‘cheap’ one and doesn’t get everything totally clean sometimes! I’m kind of disappointed with it- my hubby bought it, but I’m tempted to return it. The only thing is then we’re back to square one!

  42. Please pick me. My dishwasher broke and I have been washing my dishes by hand for a year 🙁 I would really love this premium dishwasher !!!!

  43. Vais enfin gagné en participant à ce concours. Rien n’est facile. Je fais pratiquement tous les concours, mais jamais gagné.

  44. We had very hard water with high iron. So it has started rusting out my dishwasher.
    Now we have town water, so it would be nice to get a new dishwasher

  45. Would love to win this dishwasher for my son and his wife. I have a Bosch dishwasher now and love the way it washes my dishes.

  46. Oh please my dishwasher is on borrowed time and it would be nicer to have the quietness of the dishwasher than listening to my two teenage boys argue over who has to do dishes lol

  47. All our appliances in the kitchen were stainless steel except our dishwasher and that’s a good christmas give for us…………… Thanks in advance……….

  48. My parents have a Bosch dishwasher, I have been wanting one since I was able to see how good it is.

  49. Moving into a new home on Dec 5th… don’t have any appliances at all! Winning this would be AWESOME!

  50. I need to upgrade all of my appliances, but my refrigerator poses the greatest problem because the top shelf won’t stay cool and the bottom drawers half-freeze anything I put in them. 🙁

  51. I have a Bosch that I love, currently, but it is dying. I would love to have a new one!

  52. I’m tired of being the family dishwasher – I’d love to have a Bosch dishwasher to do the work for me!

  53. J’espère avoir la chance de gagner un lave-vaisselle Bosh car je crois que c’est un très bon produit. Merci de me piger pour le prix. loll

  54. I would love to win this! We just bought a new house in July and the dishwasher has already stopped working.

  55. would love a dishwasher, don’t have one and heard BOSCH is top of the line products.

  56. Need this so badly since my dishwasher springs just broke and parts for a 25 year old dishwasher are pretty much obsolete. My replacement (if I do NOT win this Bosch) will be a much cheaper unit. Fingers crossed:)

  57. I would love to win this!
    Our dishwasher is at the end of it like.
    he dishwasher sounds like it will stop working.

  58. Our dishwasher is about 15 years old and soon will have to be’s hoping

  59. Can I get the whole Kitchen by chance……my dishwasher is over 20years old. time to replace and update her. Thank you

  60. Like everybody else here, my dishwasher has nearly reached the end of it’s life. It would be nice to have one that will last more than 10 years.

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