July 1st of this year marks Canada’s 150th year of being a country, and in the spirit of the auspicious anniversary, we’ve rounded up five DIY ideas for your home that are red, white, and awesome!  


Canada Day Bunting/Banner 

DIY this red and white banner in a mere half an hour, using minimal materials from around your home.  

What you’ll need: a small plate, white paper, book pages, red cardstock, buttons 

Photo Source: simpleasthatblog.com

Click Here for details and instructions.


Wood Pallet Flag 

Got a wood pallet or three kicking around? Turn your pallets patriot with this painted flag idea.  

What you’ll need: wood pallets, (or old fence boards), screws, graphite paper, paint, outdoor latex paint 

Photo Source: crowsfeetchic.blogspot.ca

Click Here for details and instructions.


Leather Embellished Pillow 

On the subtler end of the DIY spectrum, this is contemporary embellished pillow idea. We like this idea because it has year-round lasting power. 

What you’ll need: old pillowcase, aged/distressed leather, maple leaf template or stencil, hole punch, thread 

Photo Source: northstory.ca

Click Here for details and instructions.


Crocheted Maple Leaf Coasters 

This intermediate level crochet project requires no sewing, and are much less complicated to make than they look. Use the finished leafs as coasters, or as embellishments on anything from your throw pillows to your door wreath. (link: DIY Canada Day Wreaths)  

What you’ll need: medium weight yarn, crochet hook 

Photo Source: crochetspot.com

Click Here for details and instructions.


Homemade Maple Candle 

While this DIY certainly has a Christmas-y feel to it, maple is distinctively associated with Canada, so we suggest a simple re-brand of the packaging to render these candles Canada Day-relevant.  

What you’ll need: empty tins or jars, soy wax flakes, maple flavored extract, wooden and/or braided wick, glue sticks/glue gun, double boiler, kabob skewers, thermometer 

Photo Source: vinyetetc.ca

Click Here for details and instructions.

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