Chic Black Flooring Ideas

When we see the color black, we think sophistication, luxuriousness, and timelessness. Black is a color that simply doesn’t expire; it’s as stylish today as it will be decades down the road. Per the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, black also indicates strength, authority, and success, and having it in your home is thought to attract luck and success in your career.

There are also a few reasons why black works well on floors. Black is a subtle neutral that, without attracting too much attention, works well with existing décor choices and color schemes. Need some more convincing? Check out four of our favourite sleekest and chicest black flooring ideas below.


Wood floors, painted with black, high gloss paint

If you’re worried about black flooring making your space look smaller, consider utilizing a high gloss paint in a room with sufficient light which will allow the light to bounce off the paint and give your space depth you never knew it could have.

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Wood floors with a matte black finish

Dark wood in general will encapsulate feelings of warmth in your room, making a statement without taking away from existing décor. Polished black wood is a great compliment to rooms with otherwise colorful and busy décor.

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Oversized black tile

Tiles are a more durable alternative to wood and black tile in particular is especially trendy right now. Stray from the standard rectangle and square shapes and opt for a geometric formation instead. Try: black, hexagonal, herringbone or scalloped formations for added visual intrigue.

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Painted concrete

Speaking of durable, polished concrete floors have the potential to last forever, promising to sustain minimal damage, if any. Choose between a high-sheen, matte or even distressed look.

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