No matter how elaborate your home’s holiday décor, if you have a tree, i’s bound to be the focal point of your home. We’ve rounded up a few tips for getting your tree Christmas-ready.


Fluff it

If you have an artificial tree, it’s spent the entire past year in hibernation, so it’s bound to have a little bedhead. Spend a few minutes tending to the individual branches and if you see any thin spots, use green tinsel to make your tree look healthy and full.


Elevate it

You don’t have to buy a large to tree in order to make it look large! Instead, simply elevate it using a sturdy box, paint cans or a block of wood. (The key word there being sturdy! Stow a bag of rice or a few textbooks inside of a cardboard box to ensure it’s anchored properly to the ground.) You can then hide the base booster with a skirt or fake presents.


Light it

Wrapping lights deeper within the branches, where the bulbs are not necessarily visible, is a clever trick to give your tree more dimension. Think about it like laying paint on a canvas, but instead you’re layering your lighting.


Play with textures

Stringing lights and ornaments on your tree is pretty standard, but why not play with things you wouldn’t conventionally find on a tree. Include a few generous bows made of ribbon on your tree, or wrap portions of it in burlap. The texture of the ribbon will contrast nicely with the needles of the pine, plus ribbon and burlap are light materials that won’t add to the weight of your tree like ornaments and lights.


Include elements from your home

Using colors, textures, shapes and even actual items from your home’s décor to adorn your tree is a great way to give your tree a seamless feel in it’s surroundings. Doing this will also enforce a sense of balance in the room, because though the tree is certainly the main attraction, it also shouldn’t entirely steal the show.

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