The Colours of Love

Of course love is a colour. Love has to be a colour. And the colour of love is supremely personal. One well-known consensus though is that ‘pink’ is the colour of love and ‘red’ is the colour of passion. Pink is known as the colour of universal love. The psychology of colour tells us pink is a sign of hope. Love is ever so hopeful. Pink is a positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings. Pink is the colour that says ‘everything will be okay’. Pink is a little giddy. Pink suggests good health so we say ‘in the pink’. And when ‘everything’s rosy’ you feel like it’s all good.

Pink Love

Some say love is chemistry. So, there’s a science to why pink is pink. Being a combination of red and white, these two colours are the biggest contributors to the energies blended in pink. The key energy in pink is determined by how much red is present. White expresses the potential for fullness and red helps you to achieve that potential. Pink is non-threatening and not pushy, like love at its best.

Hot Reds

And then there’s red. How could we talk about the colour of love and not talk about red. Red is associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive, it exudes a strong and powerful energy. Like love. Red is energizing. Like love. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. Like love. Red colours make your heart beat just a little faster. Like love.

Random Reds

In some Eastern countries, love is celebrated with red at weddings in the decorations and the wedding gown. Red is warm and passionate. Think of red lips and blushed cheeks, the perfect red dress or little red sports car – these evoke desire and intensity because they capture your imagination and attract your attention. Splashing red, a little or a lot, in and around your space stimulates emotion and our appetites. Like love. Of course love is a colour.

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Written by Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince, Colour Stylist for General Paint, has 21 years in the colour and paint industry. Colour is her passion and she is a self proclaimed paint geek.

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