Unlike clothing or gift shopping, furniture shopping is not generally considered as fun, as it is stressful, namely due to the hefty cost of quality furniture these days. Especially when you’re decorating for a second property, such as your summer cottage, the high price on individual furniture pieces can be hard to justify. Come time to decorate your cottage property, we’ve devised this rundown of cottage furniture hacks and DIY ideas, to help save your wallet and your sanity,               


Get Creative With Your Rugs 

Comfy, cozy, texture-heavy rugs are practically a must-have for your cottage property, but large area rugs are not cheap. For a large rug on a budget, why not get a little creative and combine a bunch of smaller (cheaper) rugs, like this family did.


Rustic-ify Your Lamp 

Furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be new to feel new. To revamp an old lamp, simply wrap the base of it with driftwood or fallen tree branches, securing the branches with twine or rope. The effect could be Pottery Barn-esque.  


DIY a Bird Bath 

Sometimes the charm of a cottage has less to do with what’s inside, and more to do with what’s outside. Connect your cottage to nature, and DIY a birdbath rather than buying one. We like this super simple, super inexpensive idea courtesy of The Art of Doing Stuff.


Don’t Shy Away From IKEA 

In the furniture game, IKEA products tend to get a lot of flack – while everyone loves the low, low price on IKEA furniture items, nobody loves the (sometimes) low, low quality, and the low, low originality. Luckily, there are about a million “IKEA hacks” floating around on the internet, and a rundown even exists that specifically pertains to cottage furniture. Click here to learn how to transform a $40.00 IKEA desk, a $20.00 wall bracket, and more.

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