Your towels ultimately serve a utilitarian purpose in your bathroom, but their function doesn’t have to stop there. Much like your soap dispenser,  your towels can serve a dual, decorative purpose as well. (Think along the lines of resort-style towel art, without all the fancy folding.) Give your towels a little extra responsibility — (they can handle it!) — with a debonair DIY display. We’ve got four to get you started.  


A Rope Towel Holder 

If your bathroom has a rustic vibe to it, you might enjoy this low-cost, potentially nautical rope idea. Use it to hang your hand towel right beside your sink and preemptively keep your floor and counter free of drips from freshly washed hands.   

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A Strategically Placed Ladder  

As far as DIY’s go, this repurposed ladder idea has got to be the simplest. Not only does the ladder look chic and contemporary in this bathroom setting, but it ensures ample space to hang wet towels, making it a great idea if you have several people sharing one bathroom.  

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A Wood Board Towel Holder 

All you’ll need are wood planks, metal hooks, wood stain, and  perhaps a handyman hubby to construct this clever idea. Use the upper shelves to store fresh towels, toilet paper, or even candles or scent diffusers to keep your bathroom smelling as fresh as it’ll look. 

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Towels on Towels on Towels  

If you don’t fancy yourself much of a handyman/woman, this no-saw, no-screw, zero-construction-needed idea may be the DIY best suited to you. Simply utilize your existing towel rod and throw in some drapery tassels for the sheer flare and drama of it.  

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