DIY Canada Day Table Decorating Ideas

Canada Day is a great opportunity to get friends and family together, and show appreciation and spirit for your country while you’re at it. A great place to start is at your table – (especially if you’re planning on entertaining come July 1st) – and we’ve got five red and white ideas to help you dress up your table in the festive spirit of Canada Day.  


Mason Jar Centerpieces 

Is there anything quite as versatile as a mason jar? Use freshly-cut flowers, if you have access to any, to lend some fragrance and freshness to your Canada Day tablescape.  

What you’ll need: mason jars, spray paint, maple leaf decal, flowers 

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No-sew Canada Day-themed Napkins 

We love this super simple cloth napkin DIY because its an eco-friendly alternative to paper napkins. Simply pop the used napkins into the washing machine after your Canada Day soiree and they’ll be ready to use again for next year’s festivities.  

What you’ll need: white linen, red dye ink pad, maple leaf stamp 

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Sugar Cube Igloos 

Keep the sugar to a minimum in your food and drink this Canada Day, and appreciate the sweet, soluble carbohydrate in a slightly different way with this fun DIY. 

What you’ll need: Styrofoam balls, sugar cubes, glue gun/glue sticks 

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Festive Glassware 

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas, like this patriotic twist on glassware, which requires nothing more than glassware and permanent markers. TIP These make great gifts, whether you’re hosting or attending a Canada Day get-together.  

What you’ll need: dollar store tumblers and glasses, a white oil-based paint medium point permanent marker 

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Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto.

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