If you have a garden, I’m sure you’ve already begun spring-ifying it.  If you’re of the garden-less variety, we come prepared with a rundown of something else you can eagerly spring-ify. Keep reading for five DIY ideas for welcoming the season into your balcony. 


Plant Smart with a Smart Pot 

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, this potting product was made for you. Just add the soil, seeds, and water like you normally would and the pot is specially formulated to take care of the growing bloom’s aeration, watering, and heat-release needs.  

Photo Source: smartpots.com

Click here for more details and instructions.


Whip up Some “Plant Tea” 

On the topic of planting: what better way to nurse your buds and blooms into optimal, ready-to-grow health, than with a homemade, nutrient-packed “tea” concoction? 

Photo Source: smilinggardener.com

Click here for a “compost tea” recipe.


Improve Your Flooring 

Your balcony floor tends to get an awful lot of wear and tear between foot traffic and exposure to the elements (not to mention bird poop!). If yours is looking a little rougher than you’re comfortable with, consider weather-resistant, DIY-able floor decking.  

Photo Source: ikea.com

Click here for more details and instructions.


Cultivate a Balcony Garden 

As it turns out, you don’t really need a spacious backyard to be a proud garden-mamma, you just need to understand and know how to work with your literal limitations.  

Photo Source: gardenista.com

Click here for tips on getting a balcony garden started, and here to read about buds and blooms that will thrive in a balcony setting. 

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