We’re all for soaking up the sun, but what happens when the sun goes down? Enjoy summer evenings well past the sunset with any one of these six (DIY-able) outdoor chandelier ideas.  


A Succulent Chandelier 

Photo Source: erineverafter.blogspot.ca 

Photo Source: erineverafter.blogspot.ca

What you’ll need: assorted succulents, a hanging pot rack, candles, mason jars 

Click Here for details and instructions.


A (Repurposed) Bike Rim Chandelier 

Photo Source: diypics.com

What you’ll need: a bicycle rim, six bicycle spokes and nuts, one bicycle brake pad or large gear, Six broom hooks, six 1.5 inch screws and lock nuts, six .5 inch spacers, three bead necklaces, six solar lights, a package of blue glass stones 

Click Here for details and instructions.

For more salvage-inspired DIY projects perfect for your outdoor space, click here.


A Hula Hoop Chandelier 

Photo Source: wonderfuldiy.com

What you’ll need: a hula hoop, lace, icicle white lights, hot glue 

Click Here for details and instructions.


A Candle Chandelier 

Photo Source: heytherehome.com

What you’ll need: an old chandelier, spray paint, candles  

Click Here for details and instructions.  


A Garden-inspired Chandelier 

Photo Source: sunset.com

What you’ll need: pliable branches, heavy gauge floral wire, globe lights, nylon rope, S-hook, cable ties, and extension cord 

Click Here for details and instructions.


An Umbrella Chandelier 

Photo Source: creativeresidence.com

What you’ll need: umbrella(s), simple cable lamp 

Click Here for details and instructions.

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