DIY’s and Hacks for Making the Most of Your Small Balcony

Having a small balcony is better than having no balcony at all! Keep reading for five inventive tips and tricks that make the most of your small space. 


Garden Vertically 

For some, living in the city means a whole lot of concrete. A surefire way to combat some of that never-ending grey is with a pop of something organic. For those lacking space, a vertical garden could solve on your lack-of-square-footage woes.  

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Click here for more vertical gardening inspiration.


Skip the Furniture 

Furniture is great and all, but it also happens to be particularly space-consuming. And guess what, cushions are much comfier than patio chairs are anyways! 

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Click here for more details and instructions.


Don’t Skip the Furniture 

Alternatively, you could simply go furniture-minimal and invest in pieces designed with a small space in mind, like these inventive table ideas that don’t require a lot of room to serve a lot of function. 

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Hang Your Seating 

Go casual, with hammock seating, which can be easily taken down and put back up again in lieu of guests or incoming stormy weather, or go with something a little more permanent, like this hanging pod idea. 

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Click here to learn how to DIY your own casual hammock seating.

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Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto.

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