With fall less than a month away, avid gardeners across the country will be preparing to bid farewell to their outdoor plant babies, in lieu of the brisk weather to come. But just because the season’s ending, doesn’t mean that all your blooms have to go with it. Keep a little bit of the summer season alive, year round, with any one of these six (DIY) indoor herb garden ideas. 


Strawberry Herb Planter 

Photo Source: acharmingproject.com 

What You’ll Need: a round ceramic planter, broad paint brush, angle paint brush, craft paint, potting soil, your choice of herbs 

Visit A Charming Project for instructions on how to recreate this Strawberry Herb Planter.


Indoor Hanging Herb Garden 

Photo Source: thebirdandhersong.com

What You’ll Need: clay pots, white spray paint, rubber bands, foam paintbrush, jute rope, oak dowel rods, curtain hanger rings, curtain brackets, potting soil, your choice of herbs 

Visit The Bird and Her Song for instructions on how to recreate this Indoor Hanging Herb Garden. 


Bar Cart Herb Garden 

Photo Source: sfgirlbybay.com

What You’ll Need: metal bar cart, assorted pots and planters, potting soil, your choice of herbs 

Visit SF Girl By Bay for instructions on how to recreate this Bar Cart Herb Garden.


Upside Down Herb Garden 

Photo Source: designsponge.com

What You’ll Need: containers with resealable lids, wire hangers, fabric strips, hair dryer or can opener, duct tape, potting soil, a drill or a hammer and nails, wire cutters, your choice of herbs 

Visit Design Sponge for instruction on how to recreate this Upside Down Herb Garden.


Herb Garden WallBOX 

Photo Source: purple-ID.dk

What You’ll Need: a WallBOX, potting soil, your choice of herbs 

Visit Purple ID for information about this Herb Garden WallBOX.


Repurposed Baking Pan Herb Planter 

Photo Source: grillo-designs.com

What You’ll Need: baking tin, Sharpie, gravel or stones, gorilla glue, polymer plastic sheet, potting soil, your choice of herbs 

Visit Grillo Designs for instructions on how to recreate this Repurposed Baking Pan Herb Planter.

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