Easy Ways to Lend Luxury to Your Bathroom

Luxury is trending in the realm of bathroom decor – and we can understand why! The standard stress and chaos of every day life calls for a balancing element; for some, this is a spa-like bathroom to come home to at the end of a long day, where they can effectively wind down and self-indulge. In the spirit of tranquility, keep reading for five products and ideas that will add a feeling of luxury to your bathroom. 

A Genius Shower System

At the forefront of bathroom luxury is Riobel, with their Genius™ Shower system. Their smart shower system comes with a user-friendly keypad interface, which allows users to adjust water temperature with the click of a button, and its high-flow functionality and auto-recharge battery ensures consistent water pressure, even in the effect of a power blackout!

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A De-primping Station

While your morning primping routine may be a rushed one, addled with interruptions and chaos via everyone else’s respective routines, your evening de-primping routine doesn’t have to necessarily be so. Having somewhere to sit and take off your makeup at the end of a long day can be a godsend and is inherently indicative of a luxury bathroom. Think: a tufted ottoman, an ornate armchair, or even a chaise lounger, if you space allows for it.

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A Towel Warmer

Stemming from European bathroom design, towel warmers are the feature you won’t know you needed until you get one. Particularly beloved by users during colder winter months and early mornings, the benefits of towel warmers are twofold: to keep you warm right out of the shower and to keep your towels mold and mildew-free 

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The Power of Plants

Is there anything more luxe than a tall, exotic potted plant in the corner of your contemporary bathroom? Whether your feeling towards plants is more of a passion or preference, there’s no doubt the personality, health benefits, and subtle luxury plants can bring to the bathroom setting. Bamboo, orchids, and aloe vera are good starter plants which will do well in a humid bathroom setting. 

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The Power of Plant-esq 

Not into plants? No problem. In the past year alone, the popularity of plant-reminiscent things has skyrocketed; greenery-inspired wallpaper, shower curtain, and wall-art are all great options. After all, you can’t go wrong with the calming and cleansing effects of the color green.  


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