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According to PPG color experts, black is back, and in a big way! Their 2018 trend forecast calls Black Flame to center stage, calling it coveted, unapologetic, timeless, and incredibly versatile.  


So what exactly is Black Flame and why should you be excited about it? 


As its name suggests, Black Flame is black infused with a deep indigo undertone. The inclusion of indigo lends relate-ability to what would otherwise be a very solid and very heavy hue. 


The psychological pull towards the color black has a lot to do with comfort and privacy, and just like a tried-and-true LBD, black, in the and realm of interior design, Black Flame is ever-relevant, providing an unexpected backdrop to all other elements of your preferred decorating scheme. 


The dynamic duo that is black and indigo is one that we haven’t seen much of, and perhaps that’s the most appealing aspect. Black Flame is an unconventional neutral, but it is still a neutral, and it pairs well with anything from metallic accents to soft pastels to varying finishes and textures.  


For anyone with a preference towards contemporary decor, Black Flame could be the color of your dreams, be it in tile, wood flooring, cabinetry, exterior paint, or interior accent wall form. 

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Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto. You can follow her on Twitter: @zakkassam

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