Five Design-y Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Room Organized

Do your kids have chronic messy room syndrome? If you answered YES, we’ve got an idea – (or five) – for you! Keep your kids’ spaces spick and span in the most design-forward way with these creatively-inspired products and DIYs. 


Handmade Honeycomb Shelving 

This homemade Ruche shelving is made from recycled laminated cardboard, making it as environmentally conscious as it is extremely chic. Mount it on your child’s bedroom wall and use it to store and display all their “homeless” knick knacks.  

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Visit Etsy to shop this Handmade Honeycomb Shelving.


A “Fancy Bird’s Nest” 

Keep stuffed animals out of the clutches of your pets with this pretty, DIY-able idea. All you’ll need is two yards of tulle, 3M wire hooks, ribbon, rubber bands, and scissors.  

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Visit Shady Tree Diary for full instructions on how to recreate this “Fancy Bird’s Nest.” 


Mountain Peak Wall Hooks 

Hang up your kids’ hats, scarves, coats, and bags in (woodland) style with a few of these handcrafted mountain peak wall hooks. They’re as adorable as they are functional! 

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Visit Etsy to shop these Mountain Peak Wall Hooks. 


This Lego Storage Bin 

Use this fun figurine to store anything from Pokémon to toy trucks to building blocks to art supplies to … well, Lego!  

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Visit Amazon to shop these Lego Storage Bin.


Repurposed Spice Racks  

Have you got an avid reader on your hands? This clever idea calls for repurposed spice racks, which coincidentally make the best impromptu book shelves.  

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Visit On The Banks of Squaw Creek for full instructions on how to recreate this creative storage solution for childrens’ books.  

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