Glamourous Home Office Design Board

I LOVE THIS LOOK because it combines the intricate beauty of crystal and glass with bold and masculine colour. The variety of textures found in the office with the throw cushions, artwork, and faux fur carpet create a feeling of warmth.

About the Designer: Jane Lockhart, Principal Designer of Jane Lockhart Interior Design, has been practicing interior design since 1997.


Jane's Design Board

HOW TO CREATE THIS LOOK: Mix elegant pieces with a bold colour and a variety of textures. My inspiration was the office I designed for a model home, at the Peyton, by Kylermore Communities
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2 thoughts on “Glamourous Home Office Design Board

  1. Sitting in this elegant chair at the antique desk would cause my creative juices to flow….in many directions. Contemplating what to cook, what to wear or what needed an update decor change could create quick a flurry of activity in my family. What now! Common phrase.

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