Mini Terrarium DIYs for your Bathroom

Last year, I wrote (at length) about the far-reaching benefits of keeping plant-life in the bathroom – (see: shower plants) – and this year my stance on plants hasn’t changed much: exposure to greenery is good for your mood, energy level, and general health.  


Beachy Air Plant Mini Garden Terrarium  

Winter blues got you down? Channel your vacation-self with this sun and surf-inspired terrarium, idea courtesy of Sustain My Craft Habit. 

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Visit Sustain My Craft Habit for full instructions on how to DIY this Beachy Air Plant Mini Garden Terrarium. 


A Hanging Terrarium 

This hanging terrarium idea is ideal if you have pets, young children, or even clumsy adults in the home. Glass globes can be purchased at garden nurseries, a hardware store, or via online retailers, such as Amazon and Etsy. 

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Visit Instructables for full instructions on how to DIY this Hanging Terrarium. 


Colorful Air Plant Terrariums 

While all terrariums tend to be somewhat colorful, this DIY idea puts even more emphasis on the vibrancy within the bowl. Coordinate the colored sand to accent colors in your bathroom for maximal cohesion. 


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Visit Garden Therapy for full instructions on how to DIY these Colorful Air Plant Terrariums. 


A Teapot Terrarium 

A teapot in a bathroom setting is more than a little unconventional but I just couldn’t resist mentioning this adorable idea in this rundown. TIP: You can also use a coffee pot.

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Visit Garden Therapy for full instructions on how to DIY this Teapot Terrarium. 

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