(Non-permanent) Murals, Wall Hangings, and More for Your Child’s Bedroom

So your seven-year-old wants a bright pink bedroom, leaving you wondering, how long is she even going to like hot pink. Fortunately for practical parents, paint is far from the only way to personalize your child’s bedroom walls. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up five creative, kid-friendly, non-permanent wall décor ideas 


Easy-to-remove Fabric Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is a hot commodity nowadays and its retail price definitely reflects it! Luckily, you can make your own wallpaper at home using nothing more than water, cornstarch, a big brush or paint roller, scissors, and a craft knife.  

Photo Source: howaboutorange.blogspot.ca

Visit How About Orange for full instructions on how to DIY your own Fabric Wallpaper. 


A Chalkboard Wall 

Drawing on the walls may have been a no no when you were a kid, but then again, your parents probably hadn’t discovered the magic of chalkboard paint yet. Allow your kids to color frequently and freely with a chalkboard wall. 

Photo Source: petitandsmall.com

Visit Petite and Small for full instructions on how to recreate a Chalkboard Wall in your child’s bedroom.   


 Moon Phases Wall Hanging 

Living in the city, where screens are more abundant than people in a household, it can be near impossible to get your kids to appreciate something as simple and beautiful as the night sky. An easy remedy: bring the night sky to their bedroom. According to this DIY-er, “The directions make it look more complicated than it actually is.” 

Photo Source: commoncanopy.com

Visit Common Canopy for full instructions on how to DIY this Moon Phases Wall Hanging. 


“Organic” Wall Decals  

Also inspired by nature, are these fabric wall decals, which are non-toxic, ultra durable, reposition-able, and reusable. Perfect for a woodland themed bedroom or playroom.  

Photo Source: etsy.com

Visit Etsy to shop these “Organic” Wall Decals.  

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