Shower Smarter with Riobel’s Genius™ Shower System

Once again, Saint-Jérôme-based business, Riobel, appears at the forefront of bathroom design innovation with their newest product: the Genius™ Shower System. On a mission to make your showering experience smarter, Riobel carefully designed this automated product with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind; merging the illusive world of home automation with the burgeoning trend of bathroom luxury. Here’s what we love about Riobel’s Genius™ Shower.

It’s Easy-to-use Keypad

We love the super simple interface of the digital keypad associated with the Genius™ Shower system. In addition to being easy to comprehend, and easy to use, regardless of age or dexterity, the keypad can be located right inside of your shower, for easy access as well. 

Sophisticated Temperature Sensor

The Genius™ Shower comes with something called an “electronic pressure-balanced thermostatic” system; in layman’s terms, this translates to stable water flow and temperature for you and your family, unaffected by drops in hot or cold water pressure. 

Easy Installation

As far as home renovations go, installing a Genius™ Shower system in your bathroom is lesser on the headache-scale than installing a regular shower system. Why? Because the valve, meant to be inserted between two 2×3 inch studs, can be installed in a multitude of places, including in a closet, under the sink, to behind the shower.

Do you want to shower smarter? Visit Riobel’s website to shop this Genius™ Shower or for more high-quality, highly innovative faucet and shower systems.


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Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto.

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