Cleaning Tip: How to Clean Your Windows

window cloth ladySimply Clean Windows:

bucket of hot water
½ cup vinegar
¼ cup ammonia
2 tbsp corn starch

Good cloths (rags lint free)
Rubber gloves
Window Cloth


If your exterior windows are very dirty start by rinsing them off with the garden hose. Then soak a rag(s) in the above solution. Wipe the window with the wet rag and repeat 2 times. Dry the window with the Window Cloth.

This process is great for interior  windows minus the garden hose. The solution is perfect for interior windows as well.

For spot cleaning windows and mirrors throughout the home, use a pail of hot water with ½ cup vinegar. Use a good lint free cloth for the wet application and then dry with the window cloth.

TIP: My personal favourite is the Norwex Window Cloth. The Norwex Window Cloth works wonderfully on drying windows, mirrors, glass, granite, quartz and stainless steel surfaces. It is lint free and leaves absolutely no residue on the clean window thus showing no streaks.

Written by Wendy Tomm

Wendy Tomm

Personally trained by Jackson West, Property Stylist, Reveal Estate and trainor for Certified Canadian Staging Professionals™, my passion is creating and capturing a modern style of living. Clean lines with everything in its place are the attributes that I believe speak volumes about a home and resonate with me as a staging professional.

I’ve transformed pedestrian common place, unremarkable, basic functional spaces into ones that are simple yet tastefully elegant. My approach is straightforward and focuses on making the best possible use of the space available. By incorporating the proper use of color, lighting and artwork as well as the proper placement of furniture and accessories a show home look can be attained.

A successful business career at the national corporate level has provided me with a solid foundation and proven critical skill set including project management, attention to detail, the ability to prioritize, time management, goal setting, team effectiveness and service orientation.

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