The New Minimalistic Designs for 2017

Marie Kondo taught us about downsizing our lives in 2016, but in 2017 we don’t need anyone to teach us how to downsize our decor. If you’re a fan of all things frill-free, you’ll like this roundup.  


Minimalistic design doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, it can be the opposite. With less stuff, the focus shifts more to the fine details of the few items you do have, like this beautiful fossil (“Ammonite”) sink.  

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Minimalism also doesn’t necessarily mean monochrome. This minimalistic bathroom idea incorporates pink and green, as well as brass, wood, and some much-appreciated geometrical diversity.  

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Perhaps one of the more prominent aspects of minimalism is visual weight, which is an idea that can transcend any one particular stream of design. Things that are visually bulky restrict light, air, and energy flow, unlike this concrete chair, designed by Omer Arbel, which serves its purpose in the most un-presumptuous manner possible.  

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One of the best ways to embrace your small space is to embrace minimalism. This kitchen may lack square footage, but the simple, grey and mustard color scheme, the barebones table, and the open shelving keep it from feeling claustrophobic. 

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On the topic of visual weight, we love the way the designer of this bookshelf thinks! Even though this piece is maze-esq, it’s uncomplicated to the eye, while still managing to make a statement.  

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Last but not least, something clever to lend some sass to an otherwise barren wall; minimal-ista approved. 

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Written by Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya Kassam

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