Halloween is a holiday notorious for wastefulness; from the candy wrappers to the one-time-use decorations. Fortunately, the holiday can be celebrated in an eco-friendly manner and we have some tips to help you do just that! 


Host a Costume Swap 

Costume swapping is a fantastic way to save money while simultaneously expanding your costume options.  It’s also a great excuse to get together with friends and family.  


Choose Your Candy Wisely 

It’s no secret that the individually wrapped candies and chocolates that dominate the holiday are unhealthy for your kids and create an awful lot of waste. If you can, opt to make your own candy this year; if that’s not an option, look for candy that’s organic, non-GMO, and made with natural ingredients rather than artificial dyes and synthetic preservatives. 


Upcycle Your Treat Bag 

Rather than purchasing a brand new thematic treat bag or basket for your kids, why not challenge them to upcycle one using items around the house. Think: a sand pail, an old purse, or even a paper shopping bag decorating with stickers and markers. 


DIY Your Decorations 

Though it may be tempting to bulk-buy ready-made decorations from the dollar store, an eco-friendly alternative is to simply DIY your own using recyclable items from around your home. Need some inspiration? Check out our article, Six Spooky Ways to DIY a Ghost.


Walk Rather Than Drive 

One element of Halloween that we absolutely love is that it’s a holiday known for foot traffic rather than road traffic. In keeping with the spirit of eco-friendless, opt to trick-or-treat close to home this year and forgo any unnecessary driving.   

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