By definition, all landscaping is “green,” but we’ve got some tips on how you can go even green-er. Why bother? Because eco-friendly landscaping is cost effective, better for your plants, and, of course, better for the environment. We’ve got four ideas to get you started.  


Skip the Chemicals 

Growing pesticide-free is basically page one in the green gardener’s rulebook; and for good reason! Chemical-laden weed killers and fertilizers are bad for the environment and they’re bad for you; compost, on the other hand, is safe and beneficial for all parties.  


Edible Gardening 

Not only is edible gardening a major trend for landscaping and gardening in 2017, it’s simply environmentally friendlier than maintaining a garden that is purely ornamental. (Plus, buying organic every time you grocery shop gets pricey, so why not cut out the middleman?) 


Opt for Native Growers 

Did you know that native plants require less water than exotic ones? This is because they are adapted to our eco system, meaning that they also contribute to vital habitat for birds and insects. Native growers include, “plant of the year,” Asclepias tuberosa, (also known as butterfly weed), Pogonia ophioglossoides (also known as rose pogonia), and Myrica gale, (also known as sweet Gale). 


Utilize Rainwater 

If there’s one evil related to gardening and landscaping, it’s the excessive water use. Having a rain barrel on your property is a painless way to combat this waste. Water is the most valuable natural resource on the planet, after all.

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