For years condos were often thought of as transitional residences for the newly divorced or weekend homes for out-of-towners. But increasingly people are discovering the myriad benefits offered by condo living. In fact the condo market has been booming of late for a great many reasons.

Of course the tenuous state of the housing market plays a role in the current boom in condo purchases. But it isn’t just a lack of faith in home ownership that has more and more people looking at condos; many people are forgoing renting as well. Those who want the benefit of ownership without the hassle of maintaining a large property are finding that condos provide everything they are looking for.

So with that in mind here are some current and exciting trends in the condo market.


Condo architects of yesteryear didn’t spend a lot of time on those little extras such as a view. This was an oversight that has been remedied by today’s condo designers. These days it isn’t uncommon to find multi-story condo units with floor-to-ceiling windows providing expansive views of the surrounding areas. And since many modern condo buildings are situated on lakes, beaches or valleys, these views are usually quite breathtaking. Those in the market for a condo should have no problem finding a unit with a lot of living space and a great view.


Older apartments and condos didn’t exactly make great use of vertical space. But these days the trend has moved towards doing more with less. Modern condos oftentimes increase space by utilizing vertical cabinets as well as providing more storage space in general. On top of that, consumers increasingly are savvy regarding the use of space in their living environment. Clearing out excess clutter is still the best method to maximizing living space, however, modern amenities, such as modular furniture and flat-panel televisions also help create the impression of a larger living environment.


Modern designers as well as consumers are finding it better to stick with a single design theme as far as condos are concerned. These days you won’t see color schemes changing from room to room. Whether the look is industrial chic, loft, island living, townhome or any other look, expect it to represent the whole of the condo. But the overall theme is modern living complete with high-tech devices, such as computers and televisions, completely integrated into the space.


Green issues are on many people’s minds these days, and they don’t stop with recycling and hybrid cars. In point of fact, green construction is a trend catching on throughout the United States. Developers are beginning to acknowledge and meet standards put forth by international organizations such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). These standards ensure energy efficiency in condo units as well as sustainable construction methods. The immediate benefit to the consumer is often seen in increased floor space.

Many modern condos are also incorporating design schemes that allow for an abundance of plant life. That’s one reason many newer condos feature ample patios or large balconies, because they can accommodate more greenery. The new trend of “vertical gardening” is perfect in modern condos as the consumer can use space strategically to grow their own food.

These are just a few of the current trends that are popular among both condo designers and consumers. While times are always changing, expect the core tenets of modern condo living to stay the same. That means a strong focus on modernity, increased space and green living. And these should carry well into the future.

Jon Engle writes for the California Apartments Blog providing tips on apartment living, interior design and local reviews such as these Hollywood Homes located at The Residences at W Hollywood.

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