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2017 is all about green. Rich, saturated greens, like Emerald, dark, earthy greens like Willow Bough, soft, pastel versions of the hue, like Paradise Green, and of course, the king of all greens: Greenery, (the hue Pantone elected as the 2017 Color of the Year). This choice for Color of the Year comes as no shock; green is the original neutral, signifying nature, freshness and vitality. With this is mind, we’ve rounded up four creative ways to integrate this energy-infused color into the interior of your home, starting with your kitchen. 


On your walls

According to feng shui color guidelines, earth tones are best suited for a kitchen as well as brighter colors; both criteria met by the vibrant hue that is Greenery. Some feng shui experts say that green promotes digestion, making it a great main color for kitchen walls. 


With your tiling 

In 2017, rich, saturated hues as well as eclectic patterns will be popular for kitchen tiles and backsplash work. Whether you prefer solid colored or patterned tiles, incorporating green into your tile-scape will really make fine details pop, especially if your kitchen has a neutral color palette to begin with. 


With textiles

If you’re not quite ready to embark on a painting or tiling project, consider switching up your textiles, such as window treatments, place mats and dishtowels, which are easily interchangeable and relatively non-committal. 



What could be more indicative of Greenery, than actual greenery. The easiest, least expensive way to include the hue into your kitchen is to decorate using leafy plants. For a kitchen, consider setting up a mini herb garden.


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