What is Glamping

Photo Source: goglamping.net
Photo Source: goglamping.net

Glamping is a fusion of the words glamorous and camping. Aptly named, glamping, which has experienced a hike in popularity in the past decade, is a form of camping that transcends a traditional experience and involves elements of luxury or novelty. This means integrating means of comfort, like electricity, hot water, actual beds, into your camping experience, while maintaining an authentic connection to the outdoors.


Glamping is all about enhancing your camping experience and eliminating factors of discomfort that may have dissuaded the average person to camp before; (things like sleeping on a tent floor or using in a communal campsite washroom).


Another key element of glamping is the customization of your experience. As retailers and others players in the hospitality business continue to capitalize on this trend, the variety of custom experiences available are swiftly growing as well. Types of accommodations include: suspended tents, cabins, treehouses and private villas.




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