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5 Quick Fixes to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

With shorter days and dropping temperatures, now is the ideal time to do one final round of yard and garage maintenance before it’s too late. “It’s human nature for many of us to put these types of chores off to the very last minute,” shares Katie McConnell, customer service with The Libman Company, a family-owned business that’s been making quality cleaning tools since 1896. “But with the right tools, sufficient time, and a good attitude, you’ll be glad you made the effort when spring arrives.”

To set yourself up for success, here’s what the pros recommend:

1. A good scrub:

Outdoor patios, concrete walkways, stone paths, and front porches see a lot of foot traffic throughout the year. Dirt, debris, grass cuttings, leaves, mud, moss, and even mould all contribute to surfaces that need a good scrubbing before temperatures dip and then become icy.

2. Don’t forget the garage:

While you’re at it, be sure to give a final wash to the floor of your garage. From oil and grease to scuffs, chalk, and even garbage, this space is as important to wash as the outdoor surfaces. Be sure to leave snow removal tools handy, and check that you have ice melting salt on hand so the first winter storm doesn’t catch you unprepared.

3. A clean sweep:

Give outdoor and garage surfaces a sweep with a push broom to remove any excess dirt and debris. Look for a multi-surface heavy duty push broom for convenience and one with a durable resin bracket for extra leverage.

4. The little things:

Don’t just focus your energy on the big things — be sure to clean and scrub garden tools, sports equipment, outdoor furniture, and lighting. A scrub brush with an easy grip handle will alleviate cramping as you get into tight corners and hard-to reach places.

5. Let the sun shine:

Clean windows aren’t just for the warmer weather. In fact, with limited daylight in the cooler months, sunshine seeping into the home is more important than ever. Use an ergonomic Libman sponge mop with your favourite cleaning solution to comfortably and efficiently wash windows outside without straining your back.

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