Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas – Valentine’s around the corner and you are excited and nervous at the same time. You’ve tried all possible valentines’ gift ideas in the past and you don’t want to do the same old thing this year as well. We present 10 very unique valentines gift ideas here for your use. make this valentine’s day count and let your surprise be the best ever that your loved one has received in his or her life!

1.     Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas – Gift An Adventure Voucher

What better way to say “I love you” than to give your loved one a boost of adrenalin? Make this valentine’s day an unforgettable one for your partner by gifting an adventure voucher. Choose from bungee jumping, driving a V8 Race Car, a sailing adventure, operating a World War II Centurion tank, a jet board ride, jet fighter flight, wakeboarding and so on. Explore http://www.adrenalin.com.au/ for more adventure voucher ideas. Your partner will never be able to forget his or her experience and will look forward to your future valentine’s day surprises!

2.     Gift A Personal Service Coupon

On Valentine’s day, make several personal service coupons and fill them up in a glass jar. You can create coupons for a full body massage, personal slave day, a backrub, a bubble bath, a striptease or anything that you fancy. When your loved one picks up a coupon from the jar, you’ll have to perform the personal service you’ve written on the coupon.  All of that day, you will do everything that the coupon warrants, without complaint. It’s the ultimate giving of trust.

3.     Gift A Two-person T-Shirt

You can buy a two person T-shirt from novelty shops, or even make one yourself from a length of stretch cloth. A two-person T-shirt should be big enough for both of you to get your heads into the hole, and should have four sleeves so that both of you can push your arms through. You can decorate this T-shirt with a collage of pictures of both of you in different places, and also get personal poems printed on the shirt. For two people in love, it’s exciting to be joined as one in a single piece of clothing while moving around.

4.     Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas – Gift A Heart-shaped Jacuzzi

Do this only if you can afford it, as it can be a little expensive. Look for a large, red heart-shaped Jacuzzi and set it up on valentine’s day. Some of these Jacuzzis come with colored lights at the bottom, which play on the red of the plastic exterior creating an exciting lighting effect. Buy matching beachwear and sit in the hot Jacuzzi with plates of hot homemade pasta and a bottle of the finest red Italian wine you can afford. It’ll be the valentines of a lifetime!

5.     Gift A Hand Hugger Mitten

You’ll want to hold hands all day long on valentines and the cold weather can spoil that for you. gift your loved one a large, red hand hugger fleece mitten that can hold both your hands while keeping them warm! Now you can have skin contact while holding hands, and what could be sweeter than a walk in the snow, holding hands with your sweetheart, all warm and cozy in the hand hugger mitten?

6.     Gift Quirky Medicine Candy

Fill up a medical pillbox with heart-shaped red colored candies. Print out a prescription, with your name for the doctor, and your partner’s name for the patient. Clearly mention that the medication has to be taken twice daily, once before breakfast and once before dinner, accompanied by a kiss from you. In the Possible Side Effects column, mention that possible withdrawal of loving privileges as a side effect. Also mention that the pills must not be taken when your partner is alone.

7.     Create A Music Record In Your Voice

This will require a bit of effort from you; you will need to obtain a recording of your partner’s favorite songs, and record on top of the words while leaving the music intact. Sing the songs in your own voice and then test the record. Copy the recording to a CD, and insert the CD in the CD glove of the original record. Leave the special recording along with flowers, candy and a card for your partner to find. Let your partner figure out how much work it took and feel your love from the recording. She or he will treasure that CD for a lifetime.

8.     Create A Photo Collage Tie

If your man likes wearing ties, buy a silk tie in a deep burgundy. Create cute collages of pictures that the two of you have taken together. You can also make this funny and quirky by using childhood pictures of you and your partner. Create a story, and cut each collage into a heart shape. Get the picture collages printed on the tie – you can get this done at any good photo studio. He might not wear the tie during a board meeting but he will certainly wear it when you both are out to dinner, or when you are attending a family event.

9.     Gift Edible Underwear

You can buy edible underwear for both men and women these days. Buy valentine special underwear made of red candied hearts held together by edible gum. You can eat your way through each other’s underwear for the most special valentine’s night ever! It won’t be a good idea to store the underwear in your closet though.

10.    Gift A Midnight Picnic Adventure

Cook some delicious pasta, some cold cuts, salads, cakes and pack plenty of wine in a hamper along with cozy blankets. Go out to your favorite nature spot or campsite and camp out under the stars. The stillness makes you more aware of each other; with no one around and you are surrounded by nature’s beauty, calm skies and silence, you will have eyes and thoughts only for each other. It’ll be a perfect valentine’s gift to each other.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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