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10 Trending Bathroom Design Ideas

Want to learn the hottest and trendiest bathroom renovation designs right now? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some cool design trends that will work beautifully for any given space. Below we’ve uncovered the top 10 hottest trends in bathroom designs for today’s modern homeowner.

Scandinavian Grey Style

2017 is the year to refresh your bathroom by borrowing ideas from the sophisticated and stunning Scandinavian-style. This style features a simple, mostly white and grey color palette, minimal furniture and clear angles. You can open up the room with a transparent glass shower which creates an illusion of a bigger space. Add a water-fall shower to give the room sophistication and classic appeal. Scandinavian style bathrooms feature large and chunky mirrors in different shapes, often circular. You can get a huge mirror that acts as a focal point in the bathroom.

Standalone bathtubs are also a key feature in Scandinavian bathrooms. Since most bathrooms that perfectly bring out this style have a shower and bath completely separated, there’s usually plenty of room for a standalone tub that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Complete the look with neutral colors in the bathroom interior. Make sure to incorporate the right angles and adequate lighting as well as making use of wood for a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Industrial Open Concept

If you enjoy an open-concept bathroom, this is one of those hot trends in bathroom remolding design that you’ll definitely love. The industrial open concept design is all about using rough materials and leaving a lot of fixtures and piping visible. Materials like concrete, wood and brick on the wall work really well when bringing out this design. You can also use lighting fixtures like industrial lamps to pull off this look. This stripped-down style embraces decorations and accessories that are very subtle yet have a unique appeal. For instance, you can invest in a beautiful claw-foot tub to add an elegant touch to the room.

French Luxury Style

If your dream has always been to decorate a stylish French bathroom, be ready to incorporate boldness, serenity and elegance. This is a perfect design style for anyone who loves the sophisticated way of life. You can incorporate some sleek elements with clean appearance and modern charm. White plain walls can be combined with rustic wooden floors as well as a standalone bathtub to create a super modern space. You can incorporate vintage elements like a beautiful artwork to give the room a French signature. Remember that the French luxury style bathroom is clean so make sure the color and decorate palette you use gives it a unique aesthetic appeal.

Go Green

Want to invest in a green bathroom? There are so many ways to do it. You may consider installing a faucet or shower head that reduces the amount of water used in the bathroom. For instance, fixtures that have aerators minimize water usage. Consider using a tankless water heater that will not only minimize energy consumption but also cut down your utility bills. When painting, opt for paint that has low volatile organic compounds because they are considered less toxic. Little things like changing the fabrics used in the design can go a long way in making your bathroom more eco-friendly. And add some plants so your bathroom actually looks green!

Black & White

Incorporating black and white in your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. There are certain ways to get a neutral space that looks stunning no matter the size and style. You can break up the monotony with gray lines that prevent the color scheme from feeling cold. Don’t forget to make good use of clean lines when designing your bathroom. For instance, you can have a stripped runner that elongates a small space as well as gray concrete floors with a white wall. White walls work particularly well against dark wood panels. You may want to incorporate the traditional free-standing bathtub to make the entire room pop.

Cozy Rustic Style

If you’ve always dreamed of having a cozy and rustic bathroom, this is the perfect time to pull off this hot design trend. Rustic bathrooms combine the industrial and minimalistic look with modern accessories and designs. The idea is to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can always look forward to bath time. There are lots of features that you can incorporate in your bathroom to create a rustic interior. Focus on materials like wood, natural stone, rough wooden furniture and a few industrial elements to pull off this bathroom design trend. 

Modern Design With Oriental Finish

Bathroom designers have developed modern bathrooms with an Asian influence. This is certainly a style you need to try out in 2017. You can look for elements with an Asian touch such as bathroom fixtures, toilets and tubs, then incorporate them in your design. Though only few homeowners will go out of their way to buy antique bathroom fixtures like toilets, this design is still not very widely adapted.

Stone Wall

Having stone walls in the bathroom is not a new idea. Though it has been around for a while, stone walls in bathrooms can bring out a modern and rustic vibe that many homeowners want to achieve. In fact, many spa-inspired bathrooms have incorporated this design in 2017. You just need to be prepared to spend a good amount on high quality stone for your bathroom wall. ` Stone wall fits best in rustic bathrooms where you want to bring out the charm of the countryside. With lots of natural stone materials to choose from, pulling off this design idea should be easy.

Butterflies And Mirrors

If you want to add a dramatic effect on your bathroom, consider incorporating butterflies on the walls of the room. You may also use mirrors to create an illusion of an expansive space and open up the room. Make sure you keep the other areas such as the counter top clean and minimalistic because a lot of focus will be captured by the butterflies and multiple mirrors.

Classic Style

There are so many classic and traditional bathroom design ideas that you can borrow from. For instance, you can invest in an elegant bathtub or counter top that brings out the traditional look. Choose materials like wood and natural stone which can be easily used to bring out the classic appeal in your bathroom.

Whether you have a small bathroom remodeling project with limited storage and you need ways to make it more stunning and functional or you have an expansive space with limitless design opportunities, these ideas are practical for you.

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