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25 Easy Ways To Green Your Community This Summer

84888HWhether you have just a few minutes or are planning a large community project, every action can have a positive impact when it comes to greening your community. To help you get started this summer, and in celebration of its 25th anniversary, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation is sharing 25 easy ways to green where you live.

1. Volunteer for community greening projects

2. Pick up garbage at a local park

3. Volunteer at a community garden

4. Help build or teach at an outdoor classroom

5. Plant a tree (or many trees) that are native to your region

6. Put up a bird feeder or plant a butterfly garden

7. Plan a local shoreline cleanup

8. Host an eco-friendly party using biodegradable cutlery and food from local sources

9. Walk, bike or take public transit instead of driving

10. Participate in your community’s recycling program

11. Upcycle old or out of date items around the home

12. Compost leftover food waste

13. Donate proceeds from a garage sale to local greening projects or your TD FEF chapter (tdfef.com)

14. Use organic fertilizer on your lawn

15. Collect rainwater and use it for your plants

16. Get a push mower for your lawn

17. Water your lawn deeply only once or twice a week

18. Participate in Meatless Monday

19. Learn about invasive species of plants and help with their removal

20. Add raised planters or container gardens to help green a paved play space

21. Start a “friends of” club to help protect your local parks and greenspaces

22. Make sure to properly dispose of items like batteries and paint

23. Organize a carpool to work, school or day-camp

24. Create an adopt-a-tree program in your community

25. Use more natural cleaning products in your home

Donating and volunteering with an environmental organization can make a big difference. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation uses 100 per cent of funds donated to directly support local environmental projects. Since 1990, over $70 million has been raised to support more than 23,000 community initiatives. To learn about volunteering opportunities to help green where you live visit www.tdtreedays.com.


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