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3 Kitchen Nightmares and How to Beat Them

87968HWhether it’s an explosion in the oven, a major spill on the floor, or a ruined dessert at the last minute, we all have our hot buttons in the kitchen. Don’t let kitchen nightmares keep you from eating healthy with these insights into common cooking pet peeves and some helpful hints for dealing with them.

  1. Post-cooking cleanup. From washing dishes to wiping up countertops and floors, nearly half of Canadian adults (49 percent) list “cleaning up after they’re done cooking” as among their biggest pet peeves when preparing a meal in their kitchen, according to a recent Moen survey, conducted online by Harris Poll. The easiest way to avoid a mess? Cleaning as you go. Keep spills at bay by wiping them up right away, put dishes you’re done using in the sink instead of letting them clutter the counter, and use as few utensils as possible to minimize the amount you’ll have to wash.

Thirty-six percent of Canadians also list “removing grease/tough residue from dishes” as a top pet peeve. Combat caked-on messes by rinsing dishes immediately after using or eating so the food doesn’t harden. If you’ve forgotten, soak dishes in soapy water before putting them in the dishwasher to ensure tough-to-rinse foods will come clean. And be sure to choose a kitchen faucet with a powerful spray to make removing stuck-on foods that much easier, like fixtures with Moen Power Clean technology, which provide more force to get tough jobs done.

  1. Flying solo. When it comes to preparing food, one is definitely the loneliest number. One of the biggest pet peeves of Canadians when preparing a meal is “having to do it all by themselves.” To lessen the burden, divide the responsibility among members of the household, assigning each person a designated night to whip something up (or buy takeout!). Meal prep is also a great excuse for some family bonding time. Get kids excited to help out by letting them choose the menu, such as homemade pizzas, or challenge your spouse to assist you with a new recipe at least once a week, so cooking feels like a fun activity, not a burden.
  2. Sticky fingers. From baking ooey gooey brownies to making a batch of mama’s famous meatballs, cooking often means getting your hands dirty. And that’s not always a pleasant experience, especially when it comes time to wash them. Nearly one quarter of Canadians (23 percent) say “trying to use the sink faucet with dirty hands” is among their biggest pet peeves when preparing a meal in their kitchen.

Make washing up easier by installing a hands-free faucet, like fixtures with MotionSense from Moen. MotionSense detects your movement, setting water flow in motion, allowing you to speed through everyday tasks with greater ease and efficiency.


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